Home Work

Homework is a practice that is universally used in schools by teachers to find out how effective their teaching has been and for reinforcement of concepts taught in class.

The use of homework is a decision the school has taken to carry pupils along in what they have taught in class. Homework is part of the school’s experience and it needs not be a struggle for pupils.

The Essence of Homework

Homework is aimed at:

  • Helping pupils develop skills and attitudes needed for a successful lifelong learning.
  • Supporting the development of independent learning skills.
  • Providing parents with an opportunity to take part in their children’s education.

Homework can be given in different ways; it could be a research, reading, drawing, collecting specimens or pictures from papers and magazines or projects.

Suggested strategies for homework

Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authority in enforcing regularity and discipline. They should see to it that their children are present for lessons and take interest in their home activities.

Observation made in the previous term show that pupils hardly do their homework, and most times turn them in very late especially projects. Some homework requires parents’ supervision; this will go a long way to internalize the concepts taught in the pupils.

Some suggested strategies for parents to help the school achieve set objectives in homework include:

  • Know your child’s homework schedule-communicate with class/subject teachers on this through the homework diary.
  • Make your child have a structured time for homework at home.
  • Let your child do his/her homework early.
  • Map out a list of reward and consequences.

Looking forward to achieving great success as we work together.



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