At the 2010/2011 End of Session event, the outgoing Elementary pupils delivered highly inspiring and deeply touching individual speeches of their experiences during their years in Masters Ville and their personal opinion of their teachers.
Please find below their various efforts

Unfolding the Master in Me
Dele – Ofik Eniola
I joined this great School in the year 2005

I joined this great School in 2005 as a Preschool pupil at age four. After Nursery, I moved to Elementary. As an Elementary pupil there was much to learn and I thank God that I did excellently well.
There is so much that I have learnt from this great school. Being obedient has been the most important thing for me and if I forget every other thing I will not forget to be obedient.
About My Teachers
Mrs Osagie helped me in Quantitative Reasoning and I.C.T. She taught me so many techniques of how to solve Quantitative Reasoning Questions.
Mrs Alonge showed me good examples. She taught me so well that I cannot forget her.
My class Teacher :On the first of April , I and my classmates played an April fool game on Mr. Okunola and of course he fell for it. It was so funny I cannot forget it.
Mr. Okunola has a kind and caring attitude when correcting and talking to me. He has impacted a lot of positive things in me. He is a very good teacher for Year Five and Six. Thank you Mr. Okunola.
Mrs Babatope has been a good teacher indeed. She taught me how to be a good writer. I cannot forget her.
Mrs Ishola, even though I did not pass through her class, my younger sister told me that she is a very caring and kind woman. And from her behaviour she is well behaved and respectful. I appreciate her.
Mrs Oyefeso has been and will forever be a caring and kind woman. She has proved herself worthy of being the Head of the school. She has shown me a good examples; she helps to see my wrongs when l find it difficult to and corrects me in a very nice way. I love her so much.
Masters Ville Children School has taught me so much and it will affect my Secondary School positively.
I have chosen to keep the spirit of Masters alive in me by always applying the good culture I have learnt in Masters to everything l do.
I would like to tell my friends that if you want to make it in life you must work hard to achieve your goals.
To my junior ones I would like to tell you that you will make it if you work hard.
I want to thank all my teachers for your hard work was not in vain. Thank you all very much.
I would like to thank my parents, because without them I would not be where I am. One of my dad’s saying is, “Beat the Best and be the Best”. This saying has kept me pressing on.
It is so sad I have to leave now but I promise I will always remember this great school. Thank you all.

Unfolding the Master in Me
Olayinka Owonifari

I joined this great School in 2007 as an Elementary pupil. From Year 1, I learnt so many things from this school. There are so many values I have learnt in Masters that have shaped my life ; etiquette, and good morals and many other values that I must carry on to Secondary School and throughout life.  There are many exemplary teachers that have shown me good examples, some of them are: Mrs Olayemi, Mrs Babatope, Mr. Okunola and Mrs. Oyefeso. In fact all the teachers are exemplary teachers. And I love them for showing us good examples. An example is Mrs Olayemi who told us; we should always say that the top is spacious and it is where we belong. I love the executives of this great school.  Mrs Oyefeso – She is the Head of the School and she would do anything to make her students be the best among hundreds of children.  Mrs Babatope – She was my first teacher in Masters Ville School. I love her teaching especially creative writing. She is the best creative writing teacher anyone can have.  Mr. Okunola – There are so many good things to say about this great man. He would be my last Elementary class teacher. Though you may find it tough if you are in his class, but you would end up liking him because you would come to know, he wants the best for you. I like him especially when he agrees with what l think he would disagree with – I like him when he shares his cake with us.
I have had so many funny experiences like ‘I would whack your buttocks hot’, which was always said by Mr. Adebowale but he never did. I will continue to carry the spirit of Masters on in my life, because it has become part of me.  Masters Ville School has affected my life positively. All thanks to every member of staff.  It is unbelievable that I have to leave my wonderful classmates that I have been with for some years now.  Ayomide Oyefeso – You have been my best friend and I know you will not fail Masters. I trust you and I wish you success.  Ese- (Ese, Ese) I will miss a lot of your funny acts. I would miss you because apart from Ayomide you were my closest friend. I wish you success.  Victoria Opute – I will miss you too. Though I find you a bit of a talkative, don’t mind me. I hope you carry on the spirit of Masters.
Eniola Dele-Ofik – I will miss you. Although we often fight, but I will still miss you.
Muhammad Musa – Although Muhammad, I think you are sometimes very annoying, but I will miss you.
My Junior ones especially; Tinuke Chinemerem-Israel, Maro Innocent Otolo, Toluwani Oladipupo, Paula Willie-Okafor, Ife Adeyegbe, Bisola Ale, Damilola Aminu, I want you all to keep the good Masters Spirit alive in you at all times.
Masters Ville School has helped to me know what I would like to be. I would like to be a Civil Engineer in future.
I want to thank this great school for their support and assistance in my life. Thanks to all my teachers.
I thank my parents for their support. I am grateful.
My final statement is; thank you God. Thank you for making my parents bring me to this great school.
Now I am moving to greater heights. It so sad I have to leave this school but I am moving to Secondary life and I am excited.

Unfolding the Master in Me
Ese Afor

I came to Masters Ville in 2008, in Primary 3. I did not meet Mrs Oyefeso on my first day, but I met and made some new friends in Primary 3.
This School has taught me a lot on manners.
My teachers;
Mrs Olayemi – She was one of my best teachers. She influenced my life positively and improve on my manners, I will always love and remember her.
Mrs Babatope –The Assistant Head Teacher; she is dark and very beautiful, she taught me a lot about manners and I will always miss her. She is a very nice and humble woman. She taught me creative writing and also how to write dates.

A special day: APRIL FOOL DAY
I can still remember this year’s April Fool Day, when we tricked Mr Okunola and Mrs Alonge, that there is a spider on the wall by their heads. They were scared and it was so funny.
Mrs Oyefeso – The head of the school; so beautiful and nice. But sometimes very strict. She is a good woman who comes from a good home and also kind hearted. I know Mrs Oyefeso loves me.
Mr Okunola – The Elementary Coordinator, he is very strict but kind. He can be strict when you do the wrong things and he always tells us to do things right.
Mrs Ishola – She is a good and beautiful woman.
Masters Ville is a very great school to be. Masters teaches children morals, manners and etiquette. Masters taught me many good things that I will take with me to Secondary school and to life.
I always want to be a Banker because bankers get their need for their family and they are very intelligent.
My friends strive for the best and you will get it. Be the head and not the tail. God will always keep you safe.
Yinka – I know you love me and I love you too. You have always been the one in my heart. I will miss you more than anyone in our class. I love you.
Ayomide – Although we fight, I still like you and you will always be my good friend.
Eniola – We always fight, but I still like you and I will miss you.
Victoria – The sun of our class, I love you, and l enjoy it when we gist.
Muhammad – You are very playful and though we quarrel, I still like you. You will always be in my heart. All of you especially Yinka my dearest friend.
My teachers, you strive for the best for me and I will always remember and love you.
My parents you always give me all that I need, thank for paying my school fees. I love you and will forever appreciate you. I promise to repay you back by excelling in all my exams. May God bless you. Amen.
Mother you are my Angel and you are like gold, no one will ever beat you in beauty.
Father you are the most handsome man on earth,you are forever blessed by God. Amen.

Unfolding the Master in Me
Ayomide Oyefeso
I joined Masters as a preschool pupil in Nursery 1. Every morning, we sing rhymes, laugh as the day begins and we recite the ground rules too.
In Elementary, I have been a very happy girl. Though, I was made to repeat Year 3 not because I wasn’t brilliant, but my parents felt l was too young to go on to Primary 4. And so, I left Masters briefly for a Year at Avi Cenna International School after which I came back to Masters. I pleaded with my parents to allow me come back because I really missed Masters. I was lonely back in Avi Cenna because I didn’t have the good rapport that I and my friends enjoy with our teachers in Masters. You know in Masters, you are free to go to your teachers and ask questions after the subject period is over and they will give you good attention.
I am so glad I passed my high school entrance examination. Now I am going to Lagoon Secondary School. I just thank God for every thing.
One thing I have learnt most in Masters is Morals. Masters is concerned about our behavior, how we comport ourselves at all times. I have been drilled so well that I can not walk past an adult without showing courtesy. I would just have to keep the spirit of Masters living on in me.
One teacher who positively influenced my life is Mr Okunola. He always told us what he went through when he was our age, which touched and encouraged me to put more effort in my work.
My funniest experiences were when Ese cracks her silly jokes and when Mr Okunola uses funny words to make us laugh.
I have something to say about the school executives
Mrs Oyefeso – Even though she is my mum she takes the children in the school as her children. She is such a pleasant person. And if we do anything wrong she corrects us. I just love her for being a good mum and a good school head.
Mrs Babatope – She is a happy and a very hard working woman. She is also very active. All I can say is keep the flag flying.
Mr Okunola – though he is not married, but he behaves like a father. Once you do something wrong, on that same spot he would correct you. He is amazing.I will not forget him.
Mrs Ishola – She is a wonderful person. She is gentle, calm, self-controlled and kind. When she is not around, the school is missing one of its nutritions.
Something I have learnt in Masters that will affect my Secondary School life is hard work; in Masters you must work hard in academics. If you can not do that then you cannot cope.
My ambition in life is to be a Doctor and later become a Neurologist.
To all my classmates and best friend Johanna; because I love you, I advice you not to keep bad friends who would lead you astray. And please remember me because I love you and will always remember you. As we celebrate graduation let us always celebrate our friendship together and always keep it pure.
My junior, always strive to be the best. Never give up. Please do not say you would read tomorrow. Endeavour to read everyday.

To all my wonderful, marvelous teachers, thank you for building me up to this stage, you would always be successful. Amen.
Daddy, Mummy I have checked the best dictionary in the world, looking for a word to describe you but I could not find one.
I can say thank you several times, it won’t do justice to what you have done for me. Thank you so much.
May you eat the fruit of your labour. Amen.
Well, I have said so much. May I continue to unfold the spirit of Masters in me.Amen.
God bless Masters Ville School. Thank you.

Unfolding the Master in Me
Opute Victoria

I started Masters in 2005, in Nursery 2. When I first came into the school I did not know the sounds of the alphabet. I enjoyed my 1st year at Preschool. They taught me things that my old school did not teach me.
I graduated into Primary School in the year 2006.
In Primary One, I found out that my Primary stage was different from my Nursery stage. We were exposed to different things.
My Primary 5 was very tough. I had to start reading for my first attempt of high school entrance examinations into Secondary School. I passed my entrance examination to a Secondary school in Year 5, but I could not go because my level of my maturity was low. My parents said I should go to Primary six. At Primary six, I passed all my examinations including the one I didn’t pass in Primary Five.
My Primary 6 class is the best class of my Primary Stage.
Primary years were very nice. Masters helped build my confidence, before I used to be shy and always confused in what to do next. Masters has also taught me how to talk with boldness in front of people and not to be intimidated all the time.
Teachers who influenced my life positively;
Mr. Okunola and Mrs. Babatope have influenced my life positively.
They helped me achieve my goal of passing all high school entrance examinations. Mr. Okunola always tell I and my classmates stories about his school days, how he became very well educated and some well educated students in the past that have become great people today. His stories encouraged me a lot.
Mrs Babatope explains to I and my classmates how we should study in such a way that we would become good in that particular subject and how we can pass examinations. These tips were very helpful to me while writing my high school entrance exams.
I will never forget Mr. Okunola and Mrs Babatope. They are truly good people.
Masters is very interesting and fun. I remembered 1st April this year that was April Fools’ Day, we were trying to fool all the teachers. Mr. Okunola was the funniest experience. We said that there was a spider on his chair. He stood up with fear looking for the spider and we all started laughing. It was funny to see somebody so strict afraid of spider.
A word about the Executives
Mrs. Oyefeso: She is a very hardworking and successful woman. Mrs.Oyefeso has continued to make this school like a burning fire. She has made this school a very successful school.
Mrs Babatope: She has helped Masters Ville a lot. Mrs Babatope is hardworking, gentle and always making sure everything is in place and she is very educated.
Mr. Okunola: He is the only male teacher in the school, he is very educated and good with children. Mr. Okunola makes school fun to me. When I think education is boring, he made it interesting for me.
Mrs Ishola: She is a hardworking teacher and makes sure that everything is in place.
Masters has helped me a lot particularly in Morals, I will always keep remembering everything Masters has taught me and always speak good of this wonderful school. I will always support this wonderful school.
I hope to become a Neurosurgeon in future. Masters has given me ideas on how to become one.
A word to all my friends
Yinka: I will really miss you the most because you are my only true friend in Masters.
Ese: I will miss you, but Ese, you always want to take advantage of me.
Ayomide: I will miss you Ayomide, even though you act like I am always against you.
Eniola: Even though you shout at me a lot, I will still miss you.
Muhammad: Even though you annoy me, I will still miss you.
A word for my Junior ones
I hope you pass your entrance examinations to various Secondary Schools as I have done. To achieve that, you must read your books.
A Word to my Teachers
Thank you all.
A Word to my Parents
Mum and Dad thank you for bringing me to this fantastic School, it has really changed my life. To tell you the truth, this School is really a school for Masters.

Unfolding the Master in Me
Muhammad Musa 

I appreciate all the things my teachers have gone through to get me to this level.
About the Executives, I have this to say.
Mrs Oyefeso: Initially l thought she is unfriendly but l later discover she is nice.
Mrs Babatope: She is nice and strict.
Mr Okunola: He is nice and strict.
I will never forget Masters and her spirit will continue to live in me.
I hope to become an Astronaut.
I am saying thank you to my teachers and I thank my parents for bringing me to Masters Ville Children School.