Director’s Message

The Director

At Masters, our goal is to see our children achieve success daily in all endeavour and grow up to become God fearing leaders with a heart for the people.

To achieve this, we have an enabling environment entrenched with godly principles where we aim to provide for all our pupils a broad and stimulating educational experience of the highest quality. We will help each child to develop his potentials maximally in a non competitive and encouraging atmosphere while still maintaining excellence and high standards.

We believe a leader must be hewn with good character, integrity and a great personality, hence we put premium to character building, respect for others and self esteem.

We are committed to providing qualitative and comprehensive Montessori education in the Preschool while we offer a mixture of Montessori, British and Nigerian Curricula in the Elementary and the College.

We offer a high teacher/pupil ratio which is very vital to successful learning. Our classrooms are roomy, well lit and fully equipped with modern learning aids, Montessori materials and other  educational materials that are essential for learning at all  levels.

To achieve these high goals, we have carefully chosen our staff, we assure you they are god fearing, caring, committed, gifted, well trained and hard working, and are ready to work tirelessly to ensure that your child achieve success everyday.

With the full cooperation and communication between the school and the home and careful nurturing through the word of God, we will build rounded children who will become excellent adults and successful leaders.

I invite you to visit our great school at your convenience and I look forward to a rewarding relationship with you and your family.