Clubs and Activities

A wide range of clubs and activities are offered each term in the Elementary and Preschool, these take place after school hours. Preschool from 1:00p.m. Elementary from 2:15 p.m.
Sport/Physical Education:
All pupils are required to attend Physical Education lessons during the normal school timetable. A range of activities and sport programmes are offered with an emphasis on the development of skills and fitness.
Activities through the Year:
Every term, there are a range of social activities for the whole school community. We hope that you will take the opportunity to join in the fun on these days and participate. The events include:

Activities through the Year:

Term 1: Class Tea Parties, Parents Partnership Forum(PPF), National Day, Open Day, Christmas Concert.
Term 2: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Open Day, Parent Partnership , Forum, Champions Week.
Term3: Children’s Day, Open Day, Father’s Day, Parent Partnership Forum, Elementary and Preschool Graduation and Award’s Day, Thanksgiving and Staff Appreciation Day.